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    Crawl Space Encapsulation

    Atlanta Wildlife Control professionals in Atlanta specialize in crawl space encapsulation. When you consider to use our service, we guarantee the protection of your home from potential threats of the inferior crawl space, as we ensure all the benefits of encapsulation that come along with it. The main purpose of a crawl space is to promote air circulation through the home and also to allow easy access to plumbing, electrical and similar maintenance, repair and installation appliances.

    Houses that are built over a crawl space often suffer from moisture related issues due to the crawl space’s surroundings. Naturally, when moisture mixes with wood it creates all sorts of problems that come along with it, which often lead to the deterioration of a house.

    Excess indoor moisture contributes to many problems, such as: mold; mildew; wood rot; termite infestation; floor failure; increased energy bills; odors; insects; dust mites; allergies; and poor indoor air quality. Excess moisture in a crawl space causes the crawls space to become an actual breeding ground for mice, rats, snakes and other wildlife and pests that can thrive in this damp, dark habitat.
    The best solution to avoid indoor moisture issues is crawl space encapsulation since this barrier and dehumidifier combination protects the crawl space from excess moisture and its related problems.
    Atlanta Wildlife Control company prides itself in providing an efficient crawl space encapsulation system. You will find a significant reduction in your heating and cooling cost, and savings in your energy bills. You will enjoy the comfort of lower humidity, especially in the summer.
    Contact Atlanta Wildlife Control Atlanta today for a free inspection! Our experienced technician will evaluate your crawl space and recommend next steps to be taken in order to protect your property.

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