Atlanta Mice & Rat Control

    Rats seeking shelter may find their way into your home. With their small size and resourceful nature, they can locate the smallest holes and gain entry into secluded features of your home, such as the walls or attic. With the growing population of the large, semi-aquatic river rats, otherwise known as nutria rats, homes around the community are frequently falling victim to the damage and inconvenience of these pests.

    House mice are prolific breeders. The average litter size is between 5-8, with about 8 litters per year. Mice can multiply quickly, but Atlanta Wildlife Control can put a stop to it. Atlanta Wildlife Control’s Premium Mice Service comes with a 48 hour pickup, so if you happen to see any trapped mice, contact us and we’ll pick them up within 48 hours.

    Atlanta Wildlife Control offers services like mice and rat removal and nutria rat removal for Atlanta and the nearby areas. We humanely trap rats and remove this wildlife, and work to prevent similar invaders from returning to your property or home.

    Atlanta: Roof Rat Damage

    Roof rats are smaller than the typical Norway rat. Their size allows them to fit into the smallest openings, easily gaining entrance to any home. Often found nesting in the upper levels of homes, hence the name Roof rat, these pests can cause unprecedented damage to the structure of your home, including your attic.

    If you have noticed the signs of roof rat damage at your Atlanta home, like scratching noises in the ceilings or chew and bite marks on wood or wiring, contact Atlanta Wildlife Control immediately for fast and safe rat trapping and removal.


    Atlanta: Mice Control

    They aren’t tiny chefs, and they aren’t cute. They’re nesting, biting, rapidly reproducing, disease carrying mice, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Mices are hungry and determined, looking at your house as the perfect place to scavenge and build a nest. Their presence and feces puts a household in harm’s way. If you suspect mices are in or around your home, let us take action. We humanely trap the mouse without killing it, remove it and prevent it from coming back to your property.

    They’re not paying rent, they don’t belong in your house. Send in the experts at Atlanta Wildlife Control to get them gone for good.

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