Atlanta Mole Control

    Moles are small mammals that typically live underground. While their hearing and eyesight are very poor, they have a keen sense of smell. These animals use this heightened smelling ability to locate and capture their main source of food, worms. Since moles rarely spend any time aboveground, the activity of humans is of little consequence. This is why so many residential properties become victim to the nuisance of a mole population.

    It takes true wildlife professionals to humanely remove these animals from your property, while also preventing them from coming back to your yard in the future. Atlanta Wildlife Control provides complete mole removal for Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

    Atlanta: Humane Mole Control

    The key to effective wildlife removal is ensuring that the animals in question don’t return to the property. This is why we offer our Atlanta clients mole control. Atlanta Wildlife Control has the tools and knowledge to make slight changes to your environment that makes it a less appealing habitat for moles. Common indicators that you may have a mole problem include small piles of dirt, called molehills, found throughout your yard or garden.

    Rid Yourself of the Nuisance: Mole Trapping in Atlanta

    Moles have large claws that allow them to dig underneath the ground. In their search for food and shelter, they may explore beneath your yard or garden. This leads to the death of your grass and flowers. While the damage moles cause is not always very obvious, some of your yard’s issues may be caused by these pests. With our humane mole trapping for Atlanta residents, we safely capture the animals, relocate them, and release them into the wild where they can thrive.


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