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    Animal Facts

    Mice & Rats

    Can quickly turn into an infestation causing structural damage through gnawing on wiring; Will damage items for their nest-building


    Acrobatic, intelligent, adaptable. reproducing rapidly; Will chew on insulation, siding, cables and wires, causing extensive damage or fire


    Curious and often destructive creatures; Will raid garbage cans, eat pet food, damage lawns, and enter attics to nest and give birth


    Nocturnal mammals that live in dark spaces like attics, chimneys, basements, or crawlspaces where they can wreak havoc on your house


    Often reside around man-made structures for warmth; Can pose a potential danger if found in pools, screened porches, or inside the house


    Nuisance animals; Can damage foundations and crawlspaces, burrow and dig underneath a house, and cause odor issues


    From the marsupial family; Usually nesting under porches, decks, or sheds; Will rummage through garbage and eat pet food that’s left outside


    Anti-social creatures with the habit of digging and rooting for food; Have the ability to climb and excavate burrows to bear their offspring

    Comprehensive Wildlife Control

    Wild animals often become a big problem for humans. They are likely to seek shelter in your house, especially from extreme weather conditions and predators, or use it as a source for food and water, and a site for their reproduction. And this is how they find their way into your home.

    They tend to destroy lawns and yard landscapes, or attack pets. This wildlife can quickly become an issue that can’t be ignored and thus, it requires the attention of an expert in a timely manner.

    Wildlife can also pose safety and health risks to you and your family. Being carriers of different diseases, these wild animals can transfer infections through their urine and feces, or through direct contamination of any stored food.

    All of the wildlife control services that we offer are completely humane and we use only safe methods in wild animal trapping and elimination. The captured wildlife will be released in a new location where they can continue to thrive.

    If you’re experiencing wildlife problems at your property such as damage to your house roof; scratching noises in the ceiling, walls, or attic; or visible chew and bite marks on wiring or wood, contact our expert team at Atlanta Wildlife Control for a free quote.

    Every service that our professional team provides, offers an industry-leading warranty on workmanship and materials. Depending on the type of service you require, the warranty could be for the lifetime of your home!

    We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! The exceptional commitment to the satisfaction of our customers is what makes us different.

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